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Frankincense Gel Refresher 乳香啫喱面霜

Frankincense Gel Refresher 30g This gel crème combines the benefits of Frankincense Oil and Carrot Seeds Oil, Frankincense Oil helps to relax before sleeping while Carrot Seeds Oil is the best oil for rejuvenating skin. Hye Sun’s homemade floral water helps mask the smelling.


乳香啫喱結合乳香油和胡蘿蔔籽油精華制成,胡蘿蔔種子油則為肌膚提昇再生修復之效,而Hye Sun’s自制的花水能有效保存乳香油香氣有助於睡前放鬆。保持冷藏。 Directions: Apply on night time after cleansing, after floral serum or facial oil. Ingredients: Hye Sun’s Homemade Organic Floral Water, Organic Frankincense Oil, Organic Carrot Seed Oil, Xanthan Gum, Organic Rosemary Antioxidant.

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