Romantic Floral Solid Parfum

Romantic Floral Solid Parfum

USD33.00 10g

This perfume is a 100% natural and alcohol-free, made from organic essential oils, combined with Hye Sun’s homemade base oil. From Fruity, Floral and Herbs scent to choose, smell natural, smell great and make you feel good all the time.



香膏是100%純天然無醇酒精,由Hye Sun自家製底油混合有機精油製成。 有果香,花香和香草味選擇,天然香氣,讓你感覺清新。

Directions: Simply apply on pulse points. Apply as often as desired. 


Ingredients: Hye Sun’s Homemade Base Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Ylang Ylang Oil, Organic Neroli Oil, Organic Rose Geranium Oil.


Romantic Floral Solid Parfum

  • This perfume have NO alcohol or other chemical ingredients, it should be applied as need, once the scent gone can apply again. Tested on skin or consult your doctor before using. Stop using it when skin irritation occurred.


    Color vibrations may occur due to handmade product. Packaging may be change without notice. Keep away from sunlight places. Keep out of the reach of children.

    Ingredients from United Kingdom
    Handmade by Order


    *Please note that handmade product may not in perfect condition.

    **Photo shown is just for reference only.

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