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Olive Marjoram Moisturizing Cupcake Soap

Olive Marjoram Moisturizing Cupcake Soap


Helps moisturize and hydrate your skin, comfort acne scars and fight breakouts, tighten and tone skin while Organic Marjoram essential oil helps warming, relaxing, soothing, penetrating and comforting for everyday aches and pains. Great soap for dry and sensitive skin.




Directions: Apply on wet face or body as cleanser. Don’t rub the soap directly on the skin, emollient lather of the soap will be more beneficial on your skin. Never put the soap under running water, the soap will melt easily. Follow with Floral Water & Floral Serum.

Ingredients: Hye Sun’s Homemade Chamomile Base Oil, Organic Marjoram Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Dried Chamomile Flowers, Green Mica, NAOH, Distilled Water.



Olive Marjoram Moisturizing Cupcake Soap

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  • Please tested on skin or consult your doctor before using. Stop using it when skin irritation occurred. 


    Color vibrations may occur due to handmade product. Packaging may be change without notice. Please store in dry places. Keep out of the reach of children.


    Ingredients from France & United Kingdom 

    Handmade by Order


    *Please note that handmade product may not in perfect condition.

    **Photo shown is just for reference only.

  • All listed prices are in Hong Kong Dollar. Product description have been shown USD.

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