Christmas Gift Pack ~ Parfum (Rosy) with Rose Smoothing Soap

Christmas Gift Pack ~ Parfum (Rosy) with Rose Smoothing Soap




Obsession Love Parfum 9mL

High-concentration 99% pure aromatherapy oil, mixed with homemade perfume base. Blending citrus and floral essential oils gives you bursts of floral fragrance.





Luxury Rose Smoothing Soap

This homemade soap recipe is for anyone suffering from dry or sensitive skin who wants a gentle, soothing soap while Rose Maroc oil & Rose Geranium concentrate with a rich floral scent that has a soothing effect on the spirit and is also a wonderful tonic for the skin, especially mature skin, leaving it feeling soft. 



溫和舒緩的香皂,適合乾燥或敏感肌膚,而Rose Maroc精油和Rose Geranium精油具有豐富的花香味,對精神有舒緩作用,同時也是肌膚的絕佳滋補品,尤其是成熟的皮膚,感覺柔軟。可作潔面及潔身之用,有效清潔、潤膚及作缷粧(輕度化粧);請勿把香皂長期浸於水中,每次使用後請風乾。


Christmas Gift Pack ~ Parfum (Rosy) with Rose Smoothing Soap

  • Please tested on skin or consult your doctor before using. Stop using it when skin irritation occurred.   


    Color vibrations may occur due to handmade product. Packaging may be change without notice. Keep away from sunlight places. Keep out of the reach of children.  


    Ingredients from United Kingdom & France


    Handmade by Order  


    *Please note that handmade product may not in perfect condition.   **Photo shown is just for reference only.